Ravinder Basra
graphic designer

marketing collateral

signage & stationery

instructional learning materials

style guide

branding & logo designs

CloudShare marketing collateral
Concept design and layout of marketing and sales collateral, including product literature, postcards, article reprints and case studies for publishing as pdfs on website and print purposes. Work involved integrating screenshots, images and type using existing styles and brand guidelines.

Work done:
1. Postcards: Design and layout of type for various sets of postcards, size 6" x 4".

2. Cloudshare overview promotional brochure: Editing and updating of existing collateral documents including new visual screenshots and mock-ups of diagrams.

3. 3D mock product packaging concept design: Concept development and design of mock 3D graphical packaging for use in Acme Technologies, Inc., demo application, using Illustrator.

4. Article reprint: Design and formatting of company published article into a template layout.

5. and 6. Case studies: Design and layout of product case studies, including production of new screenshots from product screens, formatting and integration of text.

7. and 8. Product datasheets: Design and layout of product datasheets, including production of new screenshots from product screens, formatting and integration of text.

Kenchez hair salon
Concept design and layout of various marketing collateral including stationery, loyalty card, price list, promotional flyers and large-scale posters for full-color print output.

Work done:
1. Loyalty card, 11cm wide by 8.5cm high. Concept design and layout of content in Illustrator. To be folded in half and printed double sided.

2. Stationery: Design and layout of letterhead and compliment slip.

3. Price list: Design and layout of price list/appointment card, 10.5cm wide by 14.5cm high. To be folded in half and printed double sided.

4. Posters/Flyers: Design of flyers to be mailed out to potential customers advertising opening of new salon. Design of large format posters for use in shop window prior to salon opening.

The BizWorld Foundation - design of teaching and learning curriculum for school kids
Design and layout of multi-page publications, brochures, flyers and learning materials.

Work done:
1. Conceptual design and layout of promotional collateral for use in exhibitions.

2. Design and production of 100+ page publications utilizing a variety of content designed in Illustrator and Photoshop and compiled in InDesign for final full-color print process.

3. Sourcing images from stock websites, along with retouching, cropping and extensive image editing, including production of various compositions combining different images and Illustrator content.

4. Design, visualization and production of charts, graphics, multiple page layouts and compositions.

Gay.com style guide
Design, layout and specifications for Gay.com web site style guide.

Work done:
1. Design, formatting and layout of content using InDesign.

2. Production of screenshots complete with specifications outlining spacing, type and brand guidelines of various assets used in web site for use by developers.

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